Vegetarian Options

Many people have asked, “Are there vegetarian recipes in the Pure Prairie Eating Plan?”  Some are strict vegetarians and others just want to have a repertoire of meatless dishes to serve once or twice a week.  The answer is “yes”, there are many vegetarian recipes and others that are easily adaptable.  For example, in week 1 the Roasted Vegetable Penne Bake can be served with or without chicken breast.  The Black Bean Burgers in Week 2 make a great lunch or dinner and in Week 3 we offer up Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls and Healthy Borscht Soup.

Related to the health of vegetarians, we noticed this article about Vitamin B12 in the Globe and Mail recently.  It’s written by Leslie Beck, a registered dietitian.  It gives some good tips for alternative sources of Vitamin B12 if you don’t eat red meat, dairy products or eggs.