The Tomorrow Project

What causes cancer?  How does our lifestyle contribute?  The Tomorrow Project wants to find out about factors that increase or help prevent cancer, specifically in Albertans (although there are partner studies across Canada).


Participating in the Tomorrow Project is open to adult Albertans (aged 35 to 69) who have never had cancer.  It involves filling out a questionnaire about your health and habits, and the health of your nearest blood relatives.  The questionnaire takes about 1 hour to complete.  Researchers will be able to link data in the questionnaire to health records so that future cases of cancer can be identified and, thus, risk factors for cancer evaluated.


An optional part of the study is to visit a centre and provide direct measurements of parameters such as your weight, percent body fat, strength measurements and so on.  You can also provide blood and urine samples.  Right now, the Tomorrow Project is travelling around the province in specially equipped vans, to communities large and small, so that everyone, not just those living in larger cities, can participate.


If you are interested in learning more, or joining the Tomorrow Project, just visit their website – it’s that easy.