PPEP supports healthy eating

Translating the recommendations about what we should eat from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide into practice is sometimes difficult. Taking this into account, we developed the Pure Prairie Eating Plan (PPEP).  
PPEP can help you enjoy a well-balanced diet while still giving you access to a variety of delicious foods. Including healthy snacks helps to prevent hunger between meals, this plan also decreases the likelihood of overeating at meals or grabbing a less healthy option.

In PPEP, we provide menus for three meals plus three snacks. The guidelines from Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide have been followed, and the number of servings of each food group is reported for each day. We also took into consideration the recommendations for nutrition from the Canadian Diabetes Association, so this menu plan is suitable for people with diabetes.

The use of PPEP has been tested in people with Type 2 Diabetes by the Physical Activity and Nutrition for Diabetes in Alberta (PANDA) research team at the University of Alberta. People reported different ways of using PPEP. Some followed it strictly, every day for several months. Others used the menus as a guide but substituted ready-to-eat or restaurant meals some of the time, or used their own recipes. Still others picked specific meals, like the snacks and the dinners to incorporate into their regular routines. The people who followed PPEP found that it could be personalized to suit their own lifestyles.

While research is ongoing, many of the people who used PPEP reported beneficial outcomes, like buying healthier foods and choosing appropriate portions of food, feeling better and improving their health.

Another feature of PPEP is its focus on locally grown, fresh ingredients and foods.  The Canadian prairie provinces are characterized by endless vistas of grain and canola fields and it’s true that Canada is a leading producer of wheat, other grains, and canola oil.  But look more closely and an amazing array of other foods presents itself – fruits and berries, delicious fresh vegetables, milk products including cheeses and yogurts, and great sources of protein including meats, poultry, eggs and pulse grains. Pure Prairie Eating Plan celebrates those foods by combining them into a healthful eating pattern that the whole family can enjoy. We hope that you find this menu plan useful.

Sales of PPEP support further research


PANDA continues to conduct research to help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes through healthy eating and physical activity. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, all proceeds from the sales of PPEP will be used to support future diabetes research