Cooking with Kids

School break is coming up across the Prairies and what better time to have some fun in the kitchen with yours kids. Getting them involved in preparing food can help to start them on a lifelong path of healthy eating.  There are lots of things that you can do with kids in the kitchen.  Depending on their age, it may be something as simple as washing vegetables or it might be as impressive as making a roast beef dinner.  Here are a couple of ideas  that fit with the PPEP theme – pure, simple, good for you and yummy!

Dietitians of Canada has a great video on cooking with kids that features smoothies (scroll down, look for the picture with a boy in it :).  They suggest that you don’t even need a recipe, and one of our readers, Cheryl,  had this to offer ” I put cooked lentils or other mild tasting peas/legumes into my breakfast smoothie to add protein. Sometimes I’ll add a chunk of tofu. I don’t really taste it and it’s very affordable compared to store bought protein powder that many people use in their smoothies.”  PPEP has 2 simple and tasty smoothie recipes, a fruit smoothie for breakfast (frozen fruit, yogurt, milk and honey) and a Power smoothie (cooked white beans, frozen fruit, skim milk, sugar and vanilla) for an evening snack.

If you or your kids are a little older,  Canada Beef’s Roast Beef Challenge may be just what you’re looking for – 3 simple steps to a delicious, home cooked roast beef!   You’ll want to have an oven-safe meat thermometer and it just so happens that they’re having a contest right now and the prize is….an oven-safe meat thermometer.  Their initiative fits well with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s “6 x 16” initiative that is aimed at helping kids to develop the skills to produce 6 healthy meals from scratch by the time they’re 16.  Great idea?  We think so!