The Secret to Sustainable Weight Loss

It turns out that the secret to healthy and sustainable weight loss is maybe not really a secret (even though millions of dollars are spent convincing you that only company ‘x’ knows the ‘secret’)!  A recent systematic review of successful weight loss and weight maintenance strategies for adults found the following:

“Overall, for significant safe weight loss, an energy deficit was required, which was commonly achieved by reduced fat intake. Increased dietary fibre was also a component of 21% of successful interventions. Physical activity was included in 88% of successful interventions, and behaviour training such as self-monitoring was part of 92% of successful interventions. The same combination of energy and fat restriction, regular physical activity, and behavioural strategies was also required for successful weight maintenance.”

Develop a plan, monitor your progress, don’t eat more than you need and stay active…why do the simplest things sometimes seem the hardest?!