The Perfect Salad

On a recent trip to Scotland I found myself in a restaurant craving a salad.  Unfortunately there was no salad on the menu.  My heart sank for a moment but when the waitress came by to take our order, I said “All I really want is a salad!”  “No problem”, she replied, “What would you like in your salad?  Greens? Tomatoes, carrots, cucumber?  Meat, cheese, nuts?”  It was as easy as that – and the picture tells it all – it was colourful, fresh and delicious.  I chose halloumi, a grillable cheese made from goat and sheep’s milk, as the protein for my salad.

That experience made me think of 2 things:  1) it’s OK to ask for what you want :), and 2) having a salad formula in mind is a nice easy way to include a variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits in your daily meals and have a balanced and satisfying meal.  When I got home I checked and found that I wasn’t the only one thinking a salad formula was a good summer eating ‘tool’. posted an article called ‘The Formula: 6 Tips to Constructing a Healthy, Satiating Salad’,  it’s based on the following 6 steps:

1.  Pick fresh seasonal greens – spinach, lettuce, kale, arugula – the possibilities are almost endless.

2.  Pick your veggies – tomatoes, carrots, peas, beets, squash, avocado – again, the possibilities are endless.

3.  Pick your protein – meat, cheese, eggs, fish, seafood.

4.  Pick your add-ins – here’s where you can add cheese, nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and eggs

5.  Nuts and cheese – another chance to add nuts and cheese :)!

6.  Dressing – can be as simple as a bit of oil and lemon juice.


Check it out – they have some great tips for pairing savory and sweet veggies with fruits and nuts, cheese, seafood and meat.