Control diabetes by eating locally

Mark Connolly with CBC Edmonton interviewed Cathy this morning about the Pure Prairie Eating Plan (PPEP) and the results of their research with people with type 2 diabetes.  The study, which was funded by the Alberta Diabetes Institute, tested an earlier version of the Pure Prairie Eating Plan.  Participants who completed the study (85%) had lower blood sugar, improved cholesterol, lower blood pressure and were consuming less salt.  These are important indicators of health whether you have diabetes or not, but they are particularly important for people with diabetes because they predict the likelihood of serious further complications.  Cathy attributed this success to the fact that the eating plan, like PPEP, was based on the 4 ‘A’ framework.  That is, the meals were nutritionally adequate, culturally acceptable, accessible (easy to find at the store and easy to prepare) and affordable. If you’re interested in hearing the interview go to—study/